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At Jetwing, the greeting above which means ‘may you live long’ is used. chairman

This single word sums up our long standing commitment, and well deserved reputation for providing true, traditional Sri Lankan hospitality. Our pride is our country: indeed a land like no other. We have sought to bring this uniqueness out in every initiative we take, to promote the experience of this little yet magnificent island to the world, through our service and vision, of pioneering discoveries.

The tourism industry is growing indeed; and so are we. Our hope is to put Sri Lanka on the world map by expanding into locations that will truly benefit from tourism, it is time for our Family to spread its wings farther. Strongly believing in family values and the importance of faith, humility, respect, passion, honesty and tenacity, we invite you to come and talk to us. Be a part of an open, learning culture where people and their contributions have always been our most valuable asset, and see the future of this country rise to great heights. We believe in Sri Lanka, and you.

You are who we want, if your values are the same as ours. All are welcome, whether professionally educated or personally talented, we offer the opportunity to be the most you can be.


Hiran Cooray
Chairman, Jetwing