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A walk on the Beach
The so swish of wave upon water, charms and entices, whilst
a gleaming sun filters through a palm-fringed promenade,
stroking skins to a golden hue.
Jetwing Beach, a swanky space, nestled in the coastal lines of
Negombo, evokes a sense of luxurious stillness. Here, amidst
a tranquil beach and a verdant land, a perfect retreat lies
hidden on the west coast of a paradise land.
75 spacious luxury rooms 2 swimming pools
3 restaurants
Professional water sports
Services of a resident Naturalist
3 luxury suites
Childcare and child minding facilities
Ethukale, Negombo, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 31 2273500 Resv: +94 11 2345720
Distance - 12 Km from Bandaranaike International Airport
Available meeting rooms
- 1
Theatre style
- 120
Classroom style
- 65
U Shape
- 45