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The Big Blue!
The largest of all creatures known to man, the Blue Whale weighs
over a 100 tonnes and is approximately 30 metres in length. You
can observe these amazing mammals in Mirissa, situated in the
southern coast of Sri Lanka. Mirissa sees a constant flow of tourists,
wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, who travel from all corners
of the world to observe these gentle giants in all their glory.
Sri Lanka’s Whale Watching Triangle
Mirissa (South Coast), Trincomalee (East Coast) and Kalpitiya
(North Western Coast) complete Sri Lanka’s Whale Watching
Triangle. The fluctuating monsoon season allows a 9 - 10 month
window in which these leviathans can be observed. Blue Whales
and Sperm Whales can be observed in the coast of Mirissa between
the months of November and April; in the coast of Kalpitiya-
between February and April, and Trincomalee- between February
and August. Expeditions from Mirissa, provide stunning views of
gorgeous Spinner Dolphins in large numbers as well as migrating
pods of sperm whales consisting of over 30 whales at a time.
Whale Watching from Jetwing Lighthouse
The Whale watching industry in Southern Sri Lanka has catapulted
over recent years, making it one of the most sensational experienc-
es in Sri Lanka’s growing tourism industry. In what is now an icon of
Galle, Jetwing Lighthouse has been the proverbial home of whale
watching in Sri Lanka over the years.