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Where giant
meander across
large stretches
of green
In the heart of Sri Lanka, across a wide expanse of land, four
generations of over 300 elephants assemble during the dry
season, every year. Slowly ambling towards breath-taking
tanks of water, this magnificent congregation of the world’s
largest land animal, gets underway right before your very eyes.
From displays of riotous spraying of water to ceremonial
trumpeting, to quiet bonds of deep a ection, this spectacle
known as The Elephant Gathering, is indeed a wildlife wonder
of majestic proportions.
An endangered loner at heart
The amazing Grey Slender Loris can be seen around Jetwing
Vil Uyana. This beautiful creature steps out from his comfort
zone most o en during dusk, in search of food, darting from
branch to branch, in a flurry of grey. The hotel runs an
incredible conservation programme to help protect the Loris,
whilst setting up nature trails for guests to observe them
without disturbing their natural habitat.