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Experience the
Jetwing Story
Ours is a story that began in the early seventies. During a time and
space where tourism was a fledgling industry. And Sri Lanka opened
its doors to the rest of the world. When a daring dream was born.
The late Chairman of Jetwing, Herbert Cooray, had a vision to set up
a hotel in the beautiful outskirts of Negombo. A six-room hotel that
was enticing by virtue of its simplicity. A space enamoured by the
island sun and timeless hospitality. It was the right time and place
for a dream to take flight.
Today, a vision that began as a six-room hotel, has converted into
countless incredible spaces, perennial and timeless in every way.
Over twenty stunning holiday sojourns, spread across an island of
paradise. Bordering a stretch of the magnificent Indian Ocean,
engulfed in verdant mountains, tucked away amidst rural
hideaways; properties that create tailor-made spaces to fit every soul
from every corner of the world. It’s time to find your space in the
Jetwing story.