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The Responsible
What is JEEP?
Jetwing has long been associated with caring, and commitment
to hospitality, as well as to the environment, and truly believes
that tourism cannot exist in isolation, and works well when a
complex and intimate relationship with the local community
strikes a harmonious balance. The Jetwing Eternal Earth
Programme (JEEP) contains the community and nature-based
projects spearheaded by Jetwing, as well as the sustainability
initiatives undertaken as a responsible tourism initiative.
JEEP thrives on Community Outreach Initiatives, Sustainability,
Eco Projects and Humanitarian Programmes.
Community Outreach Initiatives
Jetwing infuses professional corporate ethics across all its
companies. It is steadfast in its consistency in providing aide for
outreach initiatives whenever the need demands it.
Humanitarian Programmes
Jetwing Hotels, regularly carries out local projects to be socially
conscious of the community.
A huge part of Jetwing hotels use solar power and energy
e icient lighting. The hotels also utilize renewable energy and
are in the forefront of green tourism. The use of modern
technology ensures that the hotels are more energy e icient.
Jetwing Hotels provide support towards environmental research
projects and helps strengthen the bond between the tourism
industry and the scientific community.