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The private bungalow with a seamless garden
A century old Scottish bungalow lies hidden amidst lush
tree-laden valleys and mountains covered in mist. The view
from this retreat is soaked in a kind of natural beauty that one
exults in. Where the magic of the mountains, the climate, the
towering pines, the sense of hope in every detail, nourishes
the being and stokes the soul. It’s where Jetwing Warwick
Gardens, a beautiful 30-acre estate provides a kind of
relaxation that cannot be easily found elsewhere.
The food at the bungalow is to die for. Prepared with freshly
picked produce from the gardens, every dish is served with
love and tasteful indulgence.
5 elegantly furnished rooms
Farm fresh milk
Herbarium, vegetable garden & orchard
Hakgala gardens
Ambewela, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 52 2223031 Resv: +94 11 2345720
Website :
Distance - 138 Km from Bandaranaike International Airport