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“I spent a wonderful holiday at the Ayurveda Pavilions this month. In writing I would like to thank also like the fantastic staff who made my stay a memorable one. The ease and perfection of the whole team exceeded all my expectations. Particularly, I would like to pay tribute to my room boy and my masseur / Therapist and the excellent restaurant, the kitchen and the reception staff. Determined to return in the near future. – Peter R

“As announced last Sunday morning at the end of my 14 day stay at Ayurveda Pavilions I went to the doctors on Monday morning to analyze my cholesterol. I got the result. The doctor spoke of a “determination and improvement” Before the holiday my cholesterol value was 270. Three weeks later, which is now the 228. Which is a reduction of 16% within a very short time! And it is the first reduction that I ever heard. – T. K

“A fantastic concept and stunning rooms. The service was wonderful, and the UK will love the fact that we have it! ” “Looking forward to coming back for more treatments!” A great way to finish our holiday in Sri Lanka. “We came as day visitors on the last day of our holiday and had a delicious, delicious pleasure ” “The best day I have in Negombo – wonderful treatment and adorable issued staff ” “It was a beautiful, is relaxing. I will stay longer next time! ” – Roger Zerter

I would like to know that at our meeting, we were discussing the Fam trip and the Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions got a very high rate. They were impressed that the rooms are so spacious and the possibility of treatments in the comfort of the room. In addition, the individual meal plan and the ability to choose your own meal-time, highly recommended. Thus, in comparison with other Ayurveda hotels (like Siddhalepa or even Lanka Princess) we found this place. Exclusive Ayurvedic resort with individual and friendly hospitality, with the typical Sri Lankan atmosphere compared to style at the Lanka Princess or the largely low-room resort is standard on Siddahlepa. So overall we really like Ayurveda Pavilion, and even where impressed by the possibility of seeing a cooking demonstration – and the food was tasty and it turns out that Ayurveda food can be healthy and tasty! – PS


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