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The Deck- Beachside Cafe

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The Deck is a laid back beachside cafe with innovative cuisine and a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean.

In search of snacks, light meals and enticing drinks in a chilled and relaxed atmosphere? The Deck has it all. Open throughout the day and well past bedtime, it is the ideal spot at which to wash down a heavy meal with good coffee. Why not also try a quick smoothie and salad between swims?

Signature Dishes

Curried Crab - a true traditional favourite made with succulent lagoon crab cooked in local spices including ‘Murunga leaves’ and grated cheese served with grated coconut, tapioca curry and vegetable pickles.

Curried Crab
Curried Crab
Signature Dishes
  • Pork Ambulthiyal
    Pork Ambulthiyal
    Pork Ambulthiyal : Find Out More