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The Float

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The Float, our popular and well stocked bar offers you one of the best selections of beverages from cocktails to fine wines.

Offering a taste of unusual and rare brands as well as the more popular ones, the Float Bar is a delightful place to relax with a drink. Our wide selection of cocktails, beers, liqueurs and fine wines will keep you in good spirits from morning till midnight.

Signature Dishes

Liberal dashes of white rum, passion fruit and tea, infused with a hint of mint and a little splash of sugar in our sinfully indulgent Passion Tea Mojito – ‘Camellia Lovers’.

Camilia Lovers
Camilia Lovers
Signature Dishes
  • Tuna Ambula
    Tuna Ambula
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  • Pita Pocket
    Pita Pocket
    Pita Pocket : Find Out More