Full Body Treatments

Western Relaxing Massage (Swedish)

A slow, relaxing massage that improves blood circulation and releases body pain.

Rs. 5,800 for 60 Minutes

Western Energising Massage (Deep Tissue)

A deep muscular massage that works on deep seated aches, releases trapped nerves and balances the flow of energy in the body.

Rs. 5,800 for 60 Minutes

South Eastern Healing Therapy (Blend of Balinese and Thai Techniques)

An ancient healing process that works on tired and sore muscles

Rs. 6,250 for 60 Minutes (Time Addition: Rs. 2,600 for 30 Minutes)

Romance Package

Specially designed for couples, with a choice of Swedish or Deep Tissue massage for 1 hour, followed by a candlelit aromatic bath and a glass of wine.

Rs. 15,000 for 90 Minutes