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Colombo is the commercial capital of the island paradise Sri Lanka, and is an excellent start, or end to travellers’ Sri Lankan adventures. Colombo Seven, especially, is the heart of the city’s opulent culture, nightlife, dining and shopping.

Large trees from a bygone era form beautiful natural canopies along Colombo’s boulevards. With roads that overlook the Indian Ocean, colonial architecture from historical Portuguese, Dutch and British influences, and little roadside kiosks that sell herbal drinks or refreshing king coconut juice, the city is truly an eclectic mix of the old and new. Colombo also offers an array of options for flavourful local food, fine dining, convivial cafes to make new friends, and pubs that feature live bands at nights. Beside a few departmental stores, shopping arcades, and handloom boutiques that spot the city, Pettah, the vibrant peddling market with street after street of unique treasures sold at reasonable prices is one of those necessary stops to pick up something distinctive and interesting.