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Spa Treatments

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The brand new, avant-garde Spa Facility at Jetwing Colombo Seven is a haven of relaxation and wellness.

Guests can pamper themselves with deep muscular massages that balance the energy in the body, enjoy medium pressure induced massages to alleviate body pain or simply indulge in foot and hand beauty therapy that is sure to lift moods.


Western Relaxing Massage – Swedish
A slow relaxing massage, involves medium pressure with alternating palm and thumb strokes that improves blood circulation, releases body pain and targets the pressure points in the body

Western Energizing Massage – Deep Tissue
A deep muscular massage; this involves hard pressure with elbow movement. Works on deep seated aches, releases trapped nerves and balances the flow of energy in the body

South Eastern Healing Therapy – (A blend of Thai and Balinese techniques)
An ancient healing process combines gentle stretches, acupressure and reflexology. Works on tired and sore muscles, bringing a sense of well being, calm and deep relaxation

Romance Package
Specially designed for couples, this treatment rejuvenates the body, mind and soul. Includes a choice of Swedish or Deep Tissue massage for an hour, followed by a candlelit aromatic bath, complimented with a glass of wine


Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
A gentle, relaxing massage which concentrates on the pressure points in and around the head, neck and shoulder areas. Beneficial in releasing trapped nerves and aids with pain relief

Foot Reflexology
A massage in and around the lower limb area that targets the pressure points on the soles of the feet. Relieves pain and promotes relaxation

Back Massage
A medium or hard pressure massage of your choice encompassing the entire back area of the body. Targets chronic aching points, resulting in relaxation and pain relief


Foot Spa
An effective process that includes overall cleaning, dead cell removing, detoxifying, relaxing and beautifying of the feet

Hand Spa
Groom nails and cuticles, and treat your hands to a soothing hand massage which relaxes the hands and removes all dead cells.
This is followed by the polishing of nails