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The historic Jaffna Fort, the second largest fort in the country, is the best example of Dutch military architecture in Sri Lanka. Built originally by the Portuguese in 1618, it was built over by the Dutch in 1792.

One of the most famous historical landmarks in the city is the Dutch Fort which dates back to the 16th C. Located south of the Jaffna town with the lagoon as its southern boundary, the Fort housed the Dutch church built in 1706, and the King’s House which is an excellent example of Dutch period architecture. The fort and the buildings within it which were partly destroyed during the 30 year war in the country are now under restoration. The Jaffna Archaeological Museum is located at Navalar Road in the town, and houses some temple statues and pottery found at heritage sites in addition to items excavated at the Kadurugoda site. The Kadurugoda site; the first archaeological site discovered in the Jaffna peninsula consists of many miniature dagobas that vary in size. The site is said to be linked to Lord Buddha’s second visit to the island, and dates back over 2000 years.