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Jaffna has an interesting array of sights to offer- from its extra ordinary landscape of palmyrah palms, secluded unspoiled beaches and vast expanses of water, to the cultural, religious and historical sites that are spread out over the peninsula.

The Jaffna lagoon is a bird watchers’ paradise during the months of September – March when the area is full of waders, ducks and other rare migrant birds that can be seen feeding by the roadside. The sunset over the lagoon, with its backdrop of outriggers and catamarans, is a sight that should not be missed. At the northern tip of the peninsula are the famous beaches of Casuarina and Keeramalai which are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and water skiing, and visitors will enjoy wading in the shallow waters that stretch for many miles. Take a drive along the Kayts causeway that connects the island of Kayts with the mainland and view the beautiful waterscape of the lagoon and distant islands. In the town is the Jaffna library, built in 1933 and destroyed in 1981, this historical landmark has now been restored to its former glory. Cycle tours of the town and nearby areas can be organized with the hotel.