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The vibrant, colourful city of Jaffna is located on an island like peninsula in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province. Jetwing Jaffna is conveniently situated on Mahatma Gandhi Road, within close proximity of the city centre and its many attractions.

The Jaffna Peninsula, connected to the rest of Sri Lanka by a narrow strip of road at Elephant Pass, is a fascinating place to explore. Jaffna, which is closer in distance to South India than to Colombo, has retained much of the unique character and culture brought by the early South Indian migrants. Located 365 km away from the main airport, and 398 km away from the capital city Colombo, it is well served by public transport with buses and trains coming in frequently from the South and other areas. Jetwing Jaffna is within walking distance of the bustling market with its variety of locally produced goods, the Public Library and the Clock Tower, and is an ideal base for excursions to the surrounding islands, famous historical and religious sites and the wide, sandy beaches of the coastline.