Touch, Feel, and Revive

Soft Ayurveda

A programme designed to help you relax, release stress and gain vitality.

USD 270 for 3 Days


Wellness Delight

A relaxing and stress relieving programme, specially designed for individuals without serious medical problems.

USD 450 for 5 Days

Health Care

A Dosha Pacifying Programme which includes consultation from our Ayurvedic doctor on health guidelines.

USD 630 for 7 Days

Beauty Care

A specially formulated programme which enriches beauty, cultivates smooth, youthful skin, and prevents signs of premature ageing.

USD 630 for 7 Days

Purification and Rejuvenation

A programme designed upon the basis of Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments, which help purify the entire body and regain vitality and libido among various other benefits.

USD 1890 for 21 Days

Special Panchakarma

A programme designed with effective therapeutic techniques, for rejuvenation and curing ailments.

USD 90 Per Day for 10-30 Days