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Archeological Sites

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Reflecting the influence of ancient architecture in its design, the swimming pool at Jetwing Kaduruketha has been constructed in the same style as the pool in the palace of the Biso Kotuwa archeological complex in Galabadde.

Covering a distance of 80 km in about 5 hours, the excursion will take you to many famous sites in the area. The ancient Buddhist temple of Buduruwagala dates back to the 10th century, while the Yugadanawa temple, one of the largest stupas in the country located on the Wellawaya – Buttala road, is said to be a famous battle site of the 2nd century. Several important monuments can be seen at the Maligawila site, one of which is the 11m tall limestone Buddha statue, which is said to be the tallest in the world. The Biso Kotuwa complex of Galabadde, just 9km away from Moneragala, contains the remains of a palace including its swimming pool which is an architectural masterpiece of its era.