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Nature and Wildlife Excursions

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Combine a visit to a national park with a visit to the Elephant Transit Home in Uda Walawe and experience the sight of wild animals in their natural habitat, and also witness feeding time at the elephant orphanage.

Undoubtedly the national park with the largest population of elephants, Uda Walawe is located south of the hill country, 70 km away from the hotel. It takes one hour and fifteen minutes to get there, and the best time for visiting is just after dawn and before dusk. In addition to elephants one can expect to see herds of wild buffalo, sambar, spotted deer and grey langurs. Best known for leopards, the Yala national park which is situated 90 km away in the south east of the country, offers a four hour safari drive into the park. Also to be seen in Yala are the sloth bear, wild pig, golden jackal and civet cat, and a high diversity of birds.