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Providing a feast for the eyes, a village in Sri Lanka is the unfolding of a panoramic view of fields, farms, hills and rivers. Jetwing Kaduruketha offers guests a hands-on experience of everyday life in a traditional farming village.

A 2km walk will take you through paddy fields and farmlands to a rural village home where you can share a farmer’s lunch, the “Ambula”, and find out how an authentic meal of rice and curry is prepared. Guests can also experience the paddy fields at dusk with the “Kamatha” – dinner by candlelight. Join in the celebrations of the paddy farming and harvesting festivals of the Maha and Yala seasons, and also the traditional “Dewa Danaya” when the first batch of harvested rice is offered to the deities. Jetwing Kaduruketha, with its lush natural foliage is a habitat for many species of endemic birds, while its climatic conditions make it home to over a 100 species of tropical trees.

Below activities are available onsite:

  • Daily bird watching trail – Early bird
  • Daily nocturnal animal behaviour tour – Night walk
  • BBQ dinner in Kiridi oya river bank
  • Experience the a natural bath in Kiridi oya