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Trekking & Waterfalls

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The majestic Diyaluma Falls is a sight not to be missed - located close to the town of Koslanda on the road to Wellawaya, it is the second highest waterfall in the country, with a sheer drop of 171 meters.

Jetwing Kaduruketha organizes a day trek into the Poonagala mountains and an overnight camping experience as well. The 25km drive will get you there in 45 minutes, and from there it will be about 4km of walking and hiking. Part of the 4 hour hike will take you through the grasslands where on a rare occasion you might even sight an elephant. Climbing higher will get you to the Udadiyaluma waterfall, a hidden secret of nature which is also the location of the overnight campsite. At the highest elevation is a natural rock pool which is an ideal bathing spot and you can have a picnic lunch here before making your way down to the base of the falls. Little Adam’s Peak is 2Km away from Ella town and it has become an attraction for locals and foreigners. From this view point, you can observe the scenic Ella gap, shore line of Hambanthota and Katharagama which are hundreds of kilometers away.