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Go South and go to Jetwing Lighthouse in search of famous fondues, delicious seafood and light or haute cuisine. Our signature dishes and fine wines ensure that our food is much sought after and much loved.

At Jetwing Lighthouse good food is as important as good service or impeccable facilities. We offer diverse dining options to suit the mood as well as the occasion. From fine dining in the Cinnamon Room, to casual but impressive feasts at the Cardomom Cafe or light snacks at the Anchor Bar and Grill, guests can wine and dine as they please and wherever they wish. End an eventful day with a drink at the Coats of Arms Bar as the best spirits undoubtedly awaits you there.

Signature Dishes
  • Curry leaf tempered jumbo prawns
    Curry leaf tempered jumbo prawns
    Curry leaf tempered jumbo prawns : Find Out More
  • Sea Food Platter
    Sea Food Platter
    Sea Food Platter : Find Out More
The Cardamom Cafe
Breathtaking views of the ocean and lavish buffet spreads of equal grandeur, our main restaurant, the Cardamom Cafe is open throughout the day for meals of splendour.
The Cardamom Cafe - More Details
The Cinnamon Room
For a truly elegant fine dining experience with seafood feasts worth committing to memory, an evening at our fine dining restaurant will be a night to cherish.
The Cinnamon Room - More Details
The Anchor Bar
Keeping it light and casual the Anchor Bar & Grill is as laid back as the pool and will serve you delicious snacks and drinks of every sort all day.
The Anchor Bar - More Details
The Coats of Arms Bar
Unique decor and elegant atmosphere combines to create evenings of refined pleasure – a favourite drink to hand, a glorious sunset to watch, the night yet to arrive.
The Coats of Arms Bar - More Details
Outdoor Dining at Jetwing Lighthouse
Dining on the rocks at Jetwing Lighthouse is an unforgettable event which will take your breath away
Outdoor Dining at Jetwing Lighthouse - More Details