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Special Dining

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Waves that caress the feet, breeze to soothe the soul and fine food to gratify every whim. At Jetwing Lighthouse Club, our special dining features are designed to create perfect moments and charming memories.

Launch on a romantic getaway as you opt to be entertained by any one of our special dining features. May it be BBQ by the Ocean with your own chef and waiter to attend on, or elegant private dining in an exclusive gazebo, we promise you a truly magical experience. Should you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, the intimate spa experience, especially designed for couples could be the best choice to just sit back, indulge in and luxuriate.

Romantic Features

  • Among the Rocks BBQ – BBQ for 2 on the beach with your own chef and server
  • Gazebo Dining – Private gazebo by the water
  • Adam & Eve Spa Therapy – Couple’s retreat at the Spa, followed by private dinner