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Jetwing Lighthouse Club is situated in the Southern metropolis of Sri Lanka, in the historic city of Galle. With swift accessibility from the capital city of Colombo, an enchanting coastline, a collection of Dutch-Colonial architecture and a fascinating past, Galle definitely is an interesting destination

Even before the first Portuguese ship sighted Galle, or the Dutch built the now renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Galle Fort, or the British conquered thereafter, the city was a successful ancient seaport; possibly visited by traders from Persia, Arabia, Greece, Rome, China and India. History has it that Galle was a centre for trade along the silk route, where large shiploads of spices and silk were likely exchanged for precious gems. The city is a popular destination visited by tourists and locals alike, and is almost always abuzz; with its apparent foreign influences, artistic value and versatile combination of culture, it draws a range of admirers. However, even today its prominent feature is the Fort; complete with quaint cobblestone streets, little roadside cafes, majestic stone churches, art galleries, museums and a breath taking lighthouse by the ramparts, the Galle Fort is a wonderful experience by itself.