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The Jetty Bar

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The casual atmosphere of the Jetty Bar makes it the ideal spot for those yummy snacks and your favourite drinks.

Located next to the pool, the bar is brimming with an extensive collection of wines as well as an impressive array of mocktails and cocktails. Swim up and order your favourite snacks which the menu is full of, or sip a refreshing drink after a lap or two in the sun.

Signature Dishes

Shaken or stirred, classics or futuristic, heady or gentle – whichever way you prefer your cocktails, a truly tempting array of ‘Sundowner Delights’are expertly mixed just for you, every evening.

Sundowner Delights
Sundowner Delights
Signature Dishes
  • Fusion paradise sizzler
    Fusion paradise sizzler
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  • Catch of the day
    Catch of the day
    Catch of the day : Find Out More