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Jetwing Sea has a range of elegant dining options for you to choose from. The hotel features two restaurants along with two bars - Each with an ambience of its own, offering you a wide array of the very best of fine food and wines.

The spacious main restaurant, Café C serves a variety of Eastern and Western dishes, and offers the option of indoor or outdoor dining. Sample some of the best seafood in Negombo at “Lellama”, which specializes in local seafood delicacies. The casual and relaxed atmosphere of Jetty Bar makes it a great place to enjoy your favourite snacks and drinks, while the lobby bar, The Sail, offers you local and international brews and light meals too.

Signature Dishes
  • Fusion paradise sizzler
    Fusion paradise sizzler
    Fusion paradise sizzler : Find Out More
  • Catch of the day
    Catch of the day
    Catch of the day : Find Out More
  • Sundowner Delights
    Sundowner Delights
    Sundowner Delights : Find Out More
Casual Dining at Café C
Laden buffets to partake in and inspiring sea views to admire while doing so; our main restaurant serves a wide range of Eastern and Western meals to sate you.
Casual Dining at Café C - More Details
Seafood Dining at The Lellama
Our speciality themed restaurant that is inspired by traditional coastal fish markets is filled to the brim with the best of seafood delights and a unique ambience to match.
Seafood Dining at The Lellama - More Details
The Jetty Bar
Whether you are busy lounging under a palm or taking a leisurely swim, the well stocked pool bar is ever ready to serve you some invigorating refreshment anytime throughout the day.
The Jetty Bar - More Details
The Sail Bar
Aptly named our lobby bar offers great views of the Indian Ocean and you can raise a glass of our preferred indulgence in a toast to all the modern seafarers.
The Sail Bar - More Details