Ever Glow Treatment Package

One Day Soft Delight Natural Beauty Package

A high quality natural beauty package which includes blissful treatments for both your body and soul in a single day.

Rs. 8,500

Three Day Glowing Natural Beauty Package

A three day natural beauty package, which uses the finest of natural treatments that have been designed for your skin, hair, and face.

Rs. 19,500

Five Day Nourishing Natural Beauty Package

Indulge in the nature of luxury wellness with this five day package that relaxes, rejuvenates, and treats your face and skin with secret herbs for a healthy glow.

Rs. 35,000

Ever Glow Rich Natural Bridal Package

A seven day natural beauty package designed for brides to indulge in the finest selection of natural treatments, leaving you with a natural glow on your special day.

Rs. 45,000