Scrubs and Wraps (Incl. Vichy Shower)

Revitalising Sea Salt Scrub

Revitalises your skin by helping to draw out toxins, stimulate circulation and promote sweating – the ideal scrub to compliment any detoxification programme.

Rs. 5,500 for 30 Minutes

Moisturising Herbal Milky Scrub

Using rose geranium and lavender, a moisturising and nourishing body scrub which helps soften the skin, leaving it fresh and glowing.

Rs. 5,750 for 30 Minutes

Sandalwood and Turmeric Honey Wrap

A moisturising wrap with sandalwood and turmeric to soften and nourish the skin.

Rs. 6,000 for 40 Minutes

Earth Essence Cocoon Wrap

An effective detox wrap which combines cleansing properties, draws out impurities, exfoliates the skin, and stimulates the circulation of blood and the lymph gland, leaving your skin cleansed, toned, and revitalised.

Rs. 6,000 for 40 Minutes

Deep Cleansing and Detoxifying Chocolate Body Wrap

Rid the skin of toxins and pollution with deep cleansing properties that leave your skin soft and smooth.

Rs. 6,750 for 60 Minutes

Detox Massage

Refuce cellulite and water retention by stimulating microcirculation in the body, to flush out toxins and excess water which leaves your figure more defined and contoured.

Rs. 6,750 for 60 Minutes