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In Nuwara Eliya there is no shortage of dining options. Dine and Wine at Jetwing St. Andrews and experience the delicious taste of both local and foreign cuisine prepared at international standards.

While Nuwara Eliya has a number of restaurants, bars and cafes, Jetwing St. Andrews is in a class of its own. It has two main dining options, the Old Course which is the main restaurant and the Road Hole Bar which is styled along the lines of a traditional British pub. Delicious meals are cooked here as the a la carte menu proves. Enjoy five course dinners in the main restaurant or a less traditional meal with some excellent spirits at a pub that knows how to keep you best entertained.

Old Course Restaurant
Combining the joys of old world charm and fine cuisine to match, the Old Course restaurant offers you a dining experience to remember.
Old Course Restaurant - More Details
Road Hole Bar
With a true pub like atmosphere that takes you back in time and the most authentic of brew to keep you in high spirits too, the Road Hole Bar is an experience in itself.
Road Hole Bar - More Details