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Beach & Water Sports

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Just the charms of a spectacular sunrise could be particularly enthralling here. Relish the harmony of the deep blue ocean teeming with life, as you snorkel beside brilliantly coloured fish and turtles. For the more adventurous, shipwreck diving at the Great Basses is an option too. There are no limits to the adventures to be had here; Bodysurfing, Windsurfing, Kayaking and Kitesurfing could all be organized as per preference. On an especially beautiful eventide, any one of our beach sports, be it Volleyball, Football, Dune sliding or Tag rugby could be just another excuse to bask in the scenery. Our lifeguard protected waters provide safety to those who wish to wade into the sea, or even dive. Nature lovers can enjoy Whale watching and Dolphin watching boat safaris; Game fishing too could be arranged.