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Explore the jungles of the Yala National Park; home to the largest variety of Sri Lankan wildlife. This celebrated wildlife hub sits complete with shrubby jungles, fresh water lakes, rivers and beaches. Set out on jeep safaris to spot leopards, sloth bears and a host of other fascinating wildlife. A trip to the Bundala National Park; home to migratory waders in Sri Lanka too could be a colourful treat. Approximately 200 species of birds, including magnificent flocks of flamingos and miniscule bee-eaters can be sighted here. In addition, the Udawalawe National Park, with its herds of elephants, wild buffalo, sambar and leopards is perhaps Sri Lankan’s Savannah, and the best place to watch elephants. Bird trails too could be arranged along the areas of Bundala, Sithulpauwa and Debarawewa, all within easy reach.