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Jetwing Tented Villas, Yala is located just beyond the Yala National Park in the South-Eastern region of Sri Lanka, and enjoys endlessly sunny days spruced with showers that cool the atmosphere and lure wild animals in the park, out to get a drink.

Seated on 32 acres of land running into enchanting wilderness spaces and inviting sea shores, Jetwing Tented Villas is a rustic camping experience complete with sprawling terraces, expansive decks and open courtyards. Fascinating wildlife, shrubby jungles, salt-water lagoons are all part of the fauna and flora that make up the spectacular ecosystem of the area. Be it for a romantic, secluded getaway into the wild, or for the sake of sheer passion for adventure, Jetwing Tented Villas, is an experience not to be missed.