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Signature Dining

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At Jetwing Vil Uyana you will never be short of tantalizing dining options. From the formal to the casual we have something to cater to everyone's taste and each dish tells a story as the best meals generally do.

Chose from four different dining options at Jetwing Vil Uyana; The Apsara offers fine dining, light refreshments and refreshing drinks are yours to enjoy at The Sulang along with a cool breeze and casual fare. The Graffiti Bar is well stocked with an array of liquid treasures which will keep you in the best of spirits. Tree House Dining is a novel way to enjoy the wilds while eating some excellent food in a tree found on the grounds of the hotel.

Signature Dining - Spa Experience

Candles flicker softly as you walk hand in hand along cool stone tiles. The aroma of exotic spices permeates; the air is still as if in expectation of your arrival. Take indulgence to the next level and settle for the luxury of a private Spa Dining experience with your loved one. Warm lighting, soothing music and an ambience of total peace makes the secluded haven of our Spa just perfect to savour the exquisite cuisine on the menu. Fine wines from our cellar, signature dishes created by our master chef – in a little world reserved for two - your table awaits, come indulge.

Signature Dining - At the Spill

Storm clouds gather over the distant horizon, and a cool breeze rushes through the reeds. The swifts and the swallows whizz and whirl, circling high up in the air. A lone eagle soars on the updrafts, his sharp cry piercing the stillness. The rainy season has arrived – and with it, a rare opportunity to partake in a one of a kind dining experience – at ‘the Spill’. An area created to catch the overflow during the wet season its shallows make a wonderfully unique setting to enjoy a meal outdoors. Let the water lap gently at your bare feet, and gaze out at the expanse of the lake and the rural setting beyond, as you partake in the gourmet dishes and fine vintage of your choice.

Signature Dining - Cookery Demonstration

Tempting aromas assail your senses, succulent fare is arrayed before you, fine wine, especially chosen waits to be poured – the table is set, ready for you. Is this another wonderful meal moment? Yes indeed, but with a big difference. This is one that you have helped to create. Our Cookery Demonstration Signature Dining experience gives you the unique opportunity to be a part of creating a gourmet meal with our Master Chef. You help plan the menu, gather fresh ingredients from our gardens and learn how every dish is prepared, cooked and presented: a novel experience offering a real insight into traditional cooking – the Sri Lankan way.

Signature Dining - Parker's Peak

As the sun dips down over the western horizon, birds bid their last goodbye. A rosy hue spreads over the scrubland and paddy fields. Far beyond, the majestic Sigiriya rock fortress stands tall against the clouds – the stage is set, ready for you. Take a stroll at sundown along a pathway to a specially created vantage point where a dining experience like no other awaits you. Parker’s Peak is a quiet little hill set above the hotel and away from it too. Steeped in serenity, and completely at one with nature, it’s an ideal place to enjoy some al fresco dining with the views as magnificent as the fare that will be especially prepared for you.

Signature Dining - Tree House Dining

The breeze sifts through the leaves, cooling the heat of the day. The fields and the forest spread far out into the distance, birdsong keeps you company – from your vantage point up in our Tree House, you and your loved one can enjoy the magic of having a little world all to yourselves. Our Signature Dining experience at the Tree House is quite like no other. Climb up the stick ladder to this little nook up in the tree and find your table laid – and a feast for two ready to be served. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Your hardest task would be to make your choice from the delectable fare on our extensive menu.

Signature Dining – at the Kamatha (Threshing Floor)

The harvest has been plentiful; the arduous task of turning the freshly cut golden sheaves of paddy to rice grains takes place on the Kamatha or threshing ground. A tradition continued on from the ancient of days, this is a joyful occasion of rites and rituals handed down from generations past. Our Kamatha Signature Dining experience lets you be a part of these celebrations in a manner of your choice. A traditional Sri Lankan Farmers’ lunch under the shade of trees, where you can watch the daytime action on the threshing ground, or a firelight buffet at night out in the fields as the succulent aromas from the BBQ blends with the freshly winnowed paddy – an ambience that will take you right back quite a few centuries.

Signature Dining – On the Lawn

The night air, warm and heady hangs still under the vast canopy of glimmering stars that flicker up above. Little oil lamps laid along the path guide the way to the garden where rows of fire torches glow bright in the dark. The gentle breeze that ruffles the tree tops bring with it enticing aromas of the exquisite kind. The lavish buffet is laid; the fiery coals on the BBQ have been busy sizzling to perfection the succulent choices that will soon be yours to make. An Al Fresco signature dining experience on the lawn is perhaps the best way to gather together with your group of friends, loved ones, colleagues or tour companions and celebrate your stay.