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Jetwing Warwick Gardens offers guests a host of dining experiences from breakfast in bed to alfresco lunches and romantic barbeque dinners. Culinary delights prepared with fresh ingredients from our own garden make each meal a one of a kind experience.

Enjoy a crisp, fresh salad with vegetables and fruit from our garden, and discover the taste of garden fresh herbs which will enhance the flavour of your meals. Providing a personal touch to our meals and service, our cooks will be happy to turn out dishes to suit your individual preferences. We offer you a range of signature dining options which will add to the ambience of the location and leave you with an added sense of well being.

Special dining:

  • Personalized menu
  • Campfire dining
  • Garden BBQ
  • Alfresco dining
  • Picnic
  • High tea fresh from the factory (on Request)