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Nature Tours Pottuvil

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Xtreme Nature Tours

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Xtreme Nature Tours is a team of nature enthusiasts ready to share the natural wonders of Sri Lanka with guests and friends alike. Xtreme Nature Tours offers guests luxury and safety in the Sri Lankan wilderness, providing unrivalled services to ensure that paradise can be embraced and enjoyed by all. Xtreme Nature Tours can cater for up to 6 guests in each personalized 4WD vehicle, designed to comfortably overcome even the harshest terrain and to thrill with river crossings, beach drives and jungles treks. Guests have access to state of the art equipment to study the flora and fauna that is so rich on this stunning island. Nature enthusiasts will leave knowing that they have been as close to nature as is humanly possible.


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Other excursions offered by Kottukal Beach House:

  • Surfing – Pottuvil Point Break, Pottuvil Point, Whiskey Point, Peanut Farm, Crocodile Rock, Sangamankanda Point etc.
  • Lahugala National Park
  • Wildlife – Pottuvil Lagoon
  • Kumana National Park
  • Religious excursion – Muhudu Maha Viharaya and Magul Maha Viharaya
  • Fishing with the local fisherman