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Feel at home as our in-house chef dishes out your favourite meals to be had at the dining room, or alfresco style in the garden outside.

The best thing about having your own chef is that you could have your meals just the way you like them. A full English breakfast? No problem. Shepherd’s pie for supper? Consider it done. Earl Grey and scones with clotted cream, at 3pm? Our pleasure. Oatlands by Jetwing also offers a selection of spirits and wine on demand. If you feel more adventurous, don your best suit and take a stroll across to Jetwing St.Andrew’s to enjoy all food and beverage facilities at the Hotel.

Restaurant & Bar Facilities at Jetwing St. Andrew’s

  • Old Course Restaurant for fine dining, with a show kitchen and a walk-in wine cellar
  • Roadhole Bar and Pub
  • High Tea on the tea terrace or lobby on request