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Dining at Jetwing

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From sizzling seafood BBQs featuring the catch of the day fresh out off the ocean, to delicate morsels of haute cuisine too beautiful to eat, from exotic Japanese delicacies to old favourites from the West. Indulge in mouth-watering buffet spreads fit for royalty to ancient recipes from lost local traditions – the most diverse array of fine fare is yours to sample at a Jetwing hotel and undoubtedly some of the best cuisine in Sri Lanka. Restaurants of varied ambience offer you a range of dining options too.

You can chill out at a cool pool bar, enjoy a casual meal at a lobby cafe, opt for elegant fine dining at the themed restaurants, or settle for something unique and enjoy the wonderful signature dining experiences we have in store for you as well. Extensive room service menus let you enjoy everything from a champagne breakfast, a lavish meal to a light snack in the cosy comfort of your room, balcony or terrace. Refreshment of the liquid kind are yours at any time, night or day – from fresh juices, to heady mixes of the best spirits, mocktails, cocktails and the very finest wines from the Jetwing cellars too.

A range of very special Jetwing Single Estate Teas are also yours to savour when the mood takes you. If you have any special dietary requirements do let us know and we can cater to your needs as well.