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Spa at Jetwing Hotels

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Enter  our heavenly havens and leave the earth far, far behind. Let all your  worldly cares slip away as you savour the sublime wonders of a  Jetwing Spa.  Nestled in seclusion at some of the most beautiful  locations in Sri Lanka, spa  facilities and treatments on par with the world’s best are yours to  indulge in, with all the warmth of care and attention that is  naturally yours at any Jetwing Hotel.

Whether you seek a total holistic holiday experience with a complete wellness package or just looking to treat yourself to a few hours of divine pampering, you will discover pure bliss. Our spas are secluded sanctuaries of complete privacy where you can leave yourself in the hands of qualified therapists whose expert care will restore your mind, body and soul. From a simple massage to a full programme of specialised healing, you can choose your indulgence from the extensive spa menus which include our renowned spa treatments and traditional Ayurvedic and naturopathy cures. All facilities are of the highest standards with wet areas, steam rooms, plunge pools, massage and treatment rooms. Only the best spa products are used; international brands such as Sothys or renowned Sri Lankan brands such as Spa Ceylon and Link.

If you wish for a customised wellness package, it can be tailored to fit your individual requirements too. Our signatures Spa Experiences are legendary and deemed unforgettable. Indeed, once you have enjoyed the pleasures of a Jetwing spa you will be more than ready to return to the world – refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated, a whole new you.