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Sprawled on what is enviably known as the longest stretch of shallow coastline in the world, Sunrise by Jetwing is located on the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka, right in the heart of the bay of Passikudah, with direct access to the sea.

The crescent shaped bay of Passikudah carved by its off shore reef is lapped by miles of shallow waters, allowing even the most amateur swimmers to tread kilometres into the sea with just a few inches of depth. Passikudah is also famous for its spectacular sunrises that turn the sky into a myriad of purplish, pinky peach and tangerine hues; show begins at 5.30am. Located on the bay, the area is ideal for water-sports including windsurfing, water-skiing, boat rides, fishing and snorkelling. It is also the perfect launching pad to a variety of East coast escapades ranging from whale watching in Trincomalee, ruin exploring in Polonnaruwa, pilgrimages to Somawathiya temple in Polonnaruwa and Tiru Koneswaram temple in Trincomalee. Simple pleasures such as village walks and biking too are options to be explored.