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Passikudah enjoys 365 days of ceaselessly sunny days with warm inviting waters round the year. The summer season is the best time to visit the area, while the latter months of the year are reserved for those who prefer relative solitude.

A warm welcome from Passikudah, a balmy town in which the temperature fluctuates between 25 °C and 38 °C. Thanks to the beach well protected by the reef, the waters of Passikudah are always tranquil; but May through October is considered Summer here, during which season the sea is especially calm, the weather is beautifully clear and engaging in water-sports could be a wonderful pleasure. With the water temperature remaining at an average of 29 °C, the bay is a cozy respite any time of the year. The area expects a healthy shower of rainfall during the months of November through February. Those who prefer a less crowded season to visit the Hotel should visit Passikudah during these months.