Welcome to the Coastal City of Galle

Nestled snug within the monumental icon of our southern capital, Galle Heritage Villa is your gateway to the most popular coastal belt on our tropical isle. Whether you opt for a conveniently rapid drive from the capital city of Colombo via the Southern Expressway, or even a train ride on the coastal railway along the waters of the Indian Ocean, our fortified home will be the first to greet you when you set foot in the coastal city of Galle. In between the town and the sea, the Fort stands tall to all those who gaze upon it. And with a neighborhood of period architecture upon a labyrinth of cobblestone streets, our historic home is bound to immerse you in an ambience found nowhere else.

Area Area Galle
Average Temperatures Average Temperatures 25°C - 29°C
Distance from Colombo Distance from Colombo 120 km
Closest Major City Closest Major City Galle
Closest Train Station Closest Train Station Galle (1 km)
Closest Bus Terminus Closest Bus Terminus Galle (1 km)