Discover the Myth of Rumassala

In clear view from the fort ramparts near the Galle Heritage Villa by Jetwing, Rumassala is identified by the characteristic white Japanese Peace Pagoda atop its verdant natural sanctuary, but famed for its mythical connection to the ancient Hindu epic of the Ramayana. Said to have been a chunk of mountain that fell from the monkey god Hanuman’s leap from India, the mystique of Rumassala remains strong in the serenity of its breezy ocean winds.

From the Galle Heritage Villa by Jetwing, Rumassala is best accessed by road, although not impossible to trek for the more adventurous. Enjoy a breezy evening at the top of Rumassala, with a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean as the sun sets on the horizon, or visit during the sunny afternoons with the option to rejuvenate at the nearby Jungle Beach.

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6 km