Jetwing Mahesa Bhawan Jaffna

Joining Jetwing’s portfolio of hotels in the island’s northern peninsula, Jetwing Mahesa Bawan is a refurbished villa which offers guests an intimate space from which to explore the hidden wonders of Jaffna.

Built in 1935 the original building was abandoned during the 30-year long war, left to the ravages of time and falling into disrepair and dilapidation. Meticulously restored to its former glory by Jetwing Hotels, Mahesa Bawan today stands as an elegant four-bedroom villa with a pool, modern amenities, dining and living spaces, an open patio, and offers authentic Jaffna cuisine coupled with Jetwing’s signature style of warm Sri Lankan hospitality.

Jetwing Mahesa Bawan is your gateway to explore the stunning natural beauty of the north – including myriad lagoons, beaches, bird sanctuaries, and an island inhabited by herds of wild horses – as well as archaeological and historical marvels such as remnants of ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples, the revered Nallur Kandasamy Kovil, and the iconic Jaffna Fort in the coastal village of Gurunagar.