Casuarina Beach

A beach named after its trees

Casuarina Beach is sprawled across the northern edge of Karaitivu – a peninsular island connected by causeways. The shoreline is arguably the most popular in the region, and attracts both local and foreign travellers with its shallow blue waters, wide expanse, and signature shrubbery that lend the beach its name. Dotting the coast as a compact forest, the Casuarina trees are a welcome form of shade under the shining northern sun, which also looks down upon the Karainagar Lighthouse at the eastern end of the beach.

The journey to Casuarina Beach takes approximately one hour from North Gate by Jetwing and can be made through either public or private transport. The road winds through suburban Jaffna, highlighting residential walls lined with dried tobacco leaves and vast plains of palmyrah trees, before crossing the Palk Strait on Karainagar Causeway which leads to the sandy shores of Casuarina Beach.

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22 km