Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary

One of Sri Lanka’s best open aviaries

Declared a sanctuary in 1938, the Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary has long been a haven for several endemic and migratory species. The greater flamingo in particular, has not only been a regular visitor but also an attraction for many bird enthusiasts who visit the region. As the area is made up of varied habitats including mangroves, wetlands, beaches, salt marshes and more, the sanctuary is also shared by a number of other animals such as crocodiles, deer, sloth bears, and more.

The Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary is located nearly 2 hours southeast from North Gate by Jetwing via road. The drive takes you out of the city and into the busy suburbs of Jaffna, before crossing over to the northeastern edge of our teardrop-shaped isle where the sanctuary rests between the lagoon and the sea.

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