Jaffna Fort

Colonial remnants of our northern stronghold

Having withstood centuries, the Jaffna Fort remains one of our island’s well-preserved colonial ramparts. Although originally built by the colonial Portuguese in the 17th century, the fortifications which line the southeastern edge of the city were transformed into the landmark it is today by the Dutch. The British later continued to use the Jaffna Fort as a garrison until Sri Lanka’s independence in 1948, while today, it is one of the northern capital’s most popular attractions with old walls and open grounds that treat you to panoramic views of Jaffna and its peninsular waters.

The historical fort of Jaffna can be accessed via a 10-minute drive or 30-minute walk from North Gate by Jetwing. Rising over the bordering lagoon, the fort overlooks the picturesque Kayts Causeway, and is most welcoming closer to sunset – when the northern sun has settled, and the breeze of the Indian Ocean keeps you cool under the pinkish-orange skies of the northern peninsula.

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