Kadurugoda Temple & Ruins

Ancient ruins of Buddhism on the northern peninsula

As one of the few remaining legacies of Buddhism in the northern province, the Kadurugoda Temple and Ruins is a protected archaeological site maintained by the Sri Lankan Army. In 1917, Paul E. Peiris, the Jaffna Magistrate at the time, documented nearly 60 gray coral-stone stupas that once stood in the place of the ruins you see today. Unfortunately, only 20 stupas remain in sight today, under the shadow of palmyrah trees spread across less than an acre of open land.

The Kadurugoda Temple and Ruins are located approximately 30 minutes away from North Gate by Jetwing to the outskirts of Jaffna in Kantarodai. The area is originally said to have been known as Kandavurugoda, referring to the location of a military camp in Sinhalese, but the resident Tamil population eventually adopted the name Kantarodai over time.

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