Jetwing Colombo Seven Partners with the USAID Sri Lanka Energy Program to Pave the Way for Sustainable Mobility in the Hospitality Sector

Colombo, Sri Lanka- Ambassador Chung celebrates USAID Sri Lanka Energy Program collaboration with the Jetwing Colombo Seven, to usher in a new era of environmentally conscious transportation within the hospitality sector. This collaboration will establish solar-powered charging facilities for electric vehicles (EVs) on the premises of Jetwing Colombo Seven while using electric three-wheelers to enhance guest experience.

At the heart of this visionary project lies a commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation. The focal point of the initiative is the installation of a cutting-edge 19.8 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system, complementing the existing grid-tied PV system at the hotel. The net-metered connection will track electricity consumption for EV charging, ensuring a seamless balance between power usage and generation. Any surplus electricity generated will be integrated back into the hotel’s grid for its own use, underscoring Jetwing Colombo Seven’s dedication to sustainable energy practices.

To facilitate EV charging, the charging station features four charging bays. Chargers are supplied by ChargeNET, a renowned leader in EV charging, adding Jetwing Colombo Seven to the widest charging network in the country, providing efficient charging capabilities and catering to hotel-owned vehicles, guest EVs, and external users. This strategic inclusion aligns with Jetwing Colombo Seven’s commitment to support the burgeoning EV ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, Jetwing Colombo Seven will pioneer commercial use of Vega Innovations’ electric three-wheelers, equipped with an impressive 10kWh battery capacity and 125km range. By introducing these Sri Lankan-built electric three-wheelers, powered by renewable energy, the hotel is poised to revolutionize its internal logistics and guest transport services, offering an unparalleled zero emission travel experience.

The collaboration between Jetwing Colombo Seven and the USAID Sri Lanka Energy Program underscores the crucial role of private sector partnerships in advancing Sri Lanka’s power sector’s transformation  towards a more secure, reliable, and environmentally sustainable future.

U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung, at a handover ceremony of an EV charging station to Jetwing 07 hotel, said: “Today we are here to celebrate the first in a series of grants from USAID’s energy program to support solar-powered vehicle charging stations or battery swapping stations around Colombo.  With its grant, Jetwing will set up two stations at the hotel and add Vega-built electric three-wheelers for guest transportation and tours. This pilot, once proven to be commercially viable, will serve as a model to be replicated by other industries across Sri Lanka… USAID remains committed to this sector and will work with you all to reach our shared vision. As the U.S. celebrates 75 years of bilateral relations with Sri Lanka and her people, this is the kind of legacy we want to build. It reinforces our commitment to Sri Lanka’s ‘people, progress and partnership.’ ”

Hiran Cooray, Chairman of Jetwing Symphony PLC, expressed his appreciation for the partnership: “We extend our gratitude to USAID and the American people; we are delighted to witness the remarkable progress being spearheaded by CodeGen and Vega Innovations in Sri Lanka. We are proud to be a part of this transformative initiative dedicated to the proliferation of electric vehicles and the integration of solar energy to power our nation. As a brand that has had sustainability at its forefront through the past 50 years of operation, we recognize the immense potential and importance of these sustainable endeavors and eagerly embrace the positive impact they bring to our beautiful motherland.”