Hatton Villas

Upcountry Elegance In The Misty Mountains

Lush green mountains fade to greater heights in the misty blue distance; waterfalls cascade and spiral down. The air is brisk and clean. The heat of the tropics seems far behind. You are at the very heart of the “tea country” high on the South-central hills of Sri Lanka- around 4500 ft above sea level. The closest town to where we are, is around 130km from the capital, Colombo.

Set amidst the splendid views of lush tea plantations, Strathdon by Jetwing, Craig Appin by Jetwing and Dickoya by Jetwing in Hatton are our homes of Sri Lankan hospitality in the heart of the mountains. Each Bungalow exudes a unique history, location and experience that the guest can revel in. once abodes of colonial planters, these quaint properties boasts exceptional views of the hill country.

Dickoya by Jetwing

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Craig Appin by Jetwing

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Strathdon by Jetwing

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