The Gateway to Ceylon Tea

Situated over 4000 feet above sea level, Hatton serves as the gateway to Ceylon Tea, owing to its proximity to several famed estate towns in every direction. Flanked by serene landscapes that include a picturesque reservoir and verdant tea plantations, our villa in Hatton is uniquely positioned as an upcountry getaway hidden amidst the cool climes of Sri Lanka’s central highlands.

Strathdon by Jetwing is located just outside the Hatton town, with easy access via any mode of transportation imaginable. From Colombo, the scenic mountain drive takes just over three hours while the luxurious alternative of a seaplane takes a mere 30 minutes to reach the pristine waters of the Castlereigh Resevoir nearby. For a memorable journey however, opt for the charming upcountry railway line which last approximately 5 hours, but is just 10 minutes away from Strathdon by Jetwing by road.

Area Hatton
Average Temperatures 14°C - 26°C
Distance from Colombo 130 km
Closest Major City Hatton (5 km)
Closest Train Station Hatton (5 km)
Closest Bus Terminus Hatton (5 km)
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